Recommendations for Our Attorney

Laurie, Everett

"Any attorney can provide you with paperwork. What you really want is a solution. I’ve gotten great results working with Fara. 

In one case, I encountered an unforeseen deal-breaker in a real estate transaction. Where others predicted a lengthy and costly court action, Fara finessed a solution through shrewd diplomacy; she obtained the necessary agreements within a week and all parties walked away happy. 

Based on this and other interactions with her, I had total confidence bringing entity formation work to her when I launched my company. Later, when an attractive acquisition opportunity presented itself she was able to provide crucial guidance that enabled my business to make a much better deal and avoid taking on hidden liabilities. "

Miki, Burien

" I contacted Fara regarding a community matter involving local government. She provided immediate insight into the pertinent legal aspects as well as identifying next steps to address the matter. Her background in governmental process was extremely helpful and I appreciated her practical focus ."

Marion, Snohomish

" I've recently been in the process of starting a new business.  It's a first time effort for me, so I've had no idea what I'm doing. Fara has been ahead of me all the way, anticipating problems and offering suggestions and encouragement. ."

Brion, Kitsap

"Fara has been working on some movie contracts for a feature film I produced and directed. She has done extensive research into the various contracts and has made them as airtight as possible ."

John, Colleague

" Fara is a smart, dedicated attorney with good insights and a strong desire to do quality work. She is very professional in her work approach, she is thorough and pays attention to detail, and understands how the pieces fit together. She is an excellent co-worker.


Anna, Detroit

"After discovering that the court had made an error in my original divorce papers, I sought out Fara's help in resolving the matter so that I could move forward with my life. She was able to clear the situation up for me, and proved an invaluable representative, as I had moved out of state, and was unable to attend court locally to rectify the situation. She handled the details in a quick and simple manner and achieved the resolution I needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking expert legal council ."